6’s Competition to be scrapped for Innovative Idea

There has been much talk over the years in relation to handicap systems being introduced to level the playing field a bit. While it is almost impossible to do this on an individual basis, the Zone is going to try it, for the upcoming season, in the cup knockout competition.

  • So what exactly does this mean i hear you say?

Well firstly it will no longer be played as a 6’s Competition. Many believe the competition had become stale, with dwindling entries coinciding with this belief.

The format will now be played as a 10s (singles, pairs, trips, rinks) knockout but based only on shots, in a one off game.

  • Well how does this benefit the smaller clubs?

Based on last years league position (1st and 2nd Division) the team that finished lower will have a shot advantage before it starts.

League PositionClubHandicap

So based on the the table above if Geraldines played Corduff, Geraldines would have a 12 shot lead before it starts. If Killanny played Collon, Collon would have a 7 shot lead before it starts (9-2).

  • What about the clubs who haven’t entered either league?

Unfortunately we can only place them in the same position as Corduff in the table as we don’t know how they would have done last season.

  • When does it start?

Closing date for entry will be the 25th of November and each round will have a month to play. 1st round to be finished by 31st December, then 31st January etc, with the final between 2 teams to be played in Redeemer on the 2nd of April.