Coaching and Practice Session

This season we will have 2 open coaching and practice sessions (dates to be confirmed shortly) and they will be coached by many of the top Oriel Players.

This will be open to all members of clubs in the Oriel Zone,, male or female, young or old.

Whether you are just starting out, a long time player that is looking to get to the next level or just struggling with one part of your game, then come along and be coached by former World Champions, former National title winners and multiple tournament winners.

Its time to give back what we were thought and learned ourselves. Sometimes it can be a matter of only a foot-stance is slightly in the wrong position and it will throw your game off.

If this is a success we may look at going out to individual clubs also. But only if this is a success.

A letter will be sent out shortly and keep an eye on here and the local radio for more info.