Irish Team Selected


The following Oriel Players have been selected for the International Series in November.

Full team
Team Event: Kevin Conroy (skip) Paddy Hanlon (2nd) Niall Hand (Lead)
Individuals: Jim Fox and Michael Hand (Pairs)

A Series
Team Event: Paul Duff (Skip) Jason Hand (3rd)
Individuals: Sean Conroy & Gerry Mc Cabe Pairs

Gerry O’Hare is the team manager.

Full team as follows

Rink 1. A Paul, M Wilson, T Crawford, J Beattie
Rink 2 C McHugh, S McSorley, P Hanlon, M Beattie
Rink 3 R Stubbs, A Leckey, G McNabb, A Rankin
Rink 4 K Conroy, J Quinn, J Richardson, N Hand

Captain J Quinn


Singles. J Beattie
Pairs. M Hand & J Fox
Triples. R Stubbs, G Stubbs, Ronnie Stubbs
Rinks. C McHugh, K McCulloch, L McHugh, B Davidson

A Series Team

Rink 1 I Hobson, J Shaw, J Calvin, S O’Neill
Rink 2. A Graham, A Johnston, R Foster, W Boggs
Rink 3. M McNicholl, J Rankin, S West, R Cochrane
Rink 4. P Duff, J Hand, J West, E Campbell

Captain E Campbell


Singles. P J Gallagher
Pairs. G McCabe & S Conroy
Triples. K Blakey, J Moffett, G Blakey
Rinks. D Morrison, A Morrison, W Morrison, T Morrison

Team Manager Gerry O’Hare

Honorary Secretary will contact everyone in next 14 days. If anyone is not available for 16 to 19 November let Hon Sec know ASAP