Meet the Oriel Zone Committee for 2016/2017 Season

Click Read More Below to see the Oriel Zone’s Convener, Chairman, Secretary along with all Committee members and their Contact numbers for the 2016/2017 Season.










Convenor                                            Gerry O’Hare                     +35387-9848881


Chairman                                             Paul O’Keefe                      +447926940147


Asst. Chairman                                  Colm Minnock                   +35387-7636182


Secretary                                             John Murnaghan              +35387-2123408

Assistant Secretary                         Seamus McParland         +4478-02785552


Treasurer                                            Kevin Boyle                        +3587-9090855


Assistant Treasurer                         Rachel Brennan                +3587-2710726


Competition Secretary                  Gerry Crosby                     +35386-0760846




Sean Daly


Gerry McCabe                                                                                   +35385-8213376


Anthony Reel                                                                                    +4478-18805408


Gerald McKeown                                                                             +35387-2228221


Donal Quigley                                                                                    +35387-6319447