Order of Play for the National Finals night in Oriel

All our qualifying nights have now been completed and all that is left the finals night, on the 13th January in Lordship. The following is the order of play for the finals. 

5pm Mat 1 Semi of rinks Sec P Hanlon v N Hand

5pm Mat 2 semi of rinks Sec P Duff v A Reel

5pm Mat 3 final of L Trips M Larney v G Rouiller

5pm Mat 4 final of J singles M devin v S Thornberry

6pm Mat 3 semi of trips G McCabe v C Minnock 

6pm Mat 2 semi of trips P Hanlon v F Woods 

6pm Mat 1 final of J pairs S thornberry v C Floyd 

6pm Mat 4 final of over 55s J fox v N Mackin

7pm Mat 4 final of singles sec a G McCabe v C Minnock

7pm Mat 3 final of pairs S McMahon v G Roe 

7pm Mat 2 final singles Sec b S Hand v T Martin

7pm Mat 1 final of ladies singles M Larney v C Holmes

Mat depended on who’s through for mats 

7.30 Final of trips 

7.30/8.30 Final of Rinks