A New Charity Event to be held on the 31st March

Oriel Zone (Sponsored by Hanlon Transport) will be running a new, pioneering event on Sunday the 31st March, which will showcase the top talent in the Zone. The teams selected will be based on whether you are over 40 or under. This event will raise funds for Irish Motor Neuron Disease Research and North East Hospice  

Each age group will have a captain. Gerry McCabe will represent the Over 40s and Diarmuid McMahon will represent the under 40s. They will select 24 players for their own age groups. They have also picked their own Charities which they will play for. Diarmuid has selected Irish Motor Neuron Disease Research and Gerry McCabe has picked North East Hospice. The winning team will get 80% of the proceeds to their captains charity and the 20% will go towards the losing captains charity.

How it works:

It will cost each player €10 and a raffle will also be held on the day.

As stated there are 24 players on each team however 6 of these 24 must be women.

We will begin

12pm 6 Rinks v 6 Rinks

2pm Lunch

3pm 8 Trips v 8 Trips

4pm 12 Pair v 12 Pair (2 runs of 6 mats)

5pm 24 Singles v 24 Singles (3 runs of 8 mats)

Each Mat will be worth 1 point with a total of 50pts to play for

This event will see not only the men’s and ladies team involved but many others throughout the zone.