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Cooley dominant in Oriels National Finals

Cooley were so close to a clean sweep of all the national open qualifiers by winning 4 out of 5. National Rinks The National Rinks had only reached the last 4 stage.

Order of Play for the National Finals night in Oriel

All our qualifying nights have now been completed and all that is left the finals night, on the 13th January in Lordship. The following is the order of play for the finals. 

Gill and Imelda claim the Ladies Pairs title

Again another poor turnout by our ladies resulted in the Ladies pairs being completed. Hopefully next year things will improve. 1st Round Rachel Brennan and Geraldine Boyle had an easy victory over

Report on the Ladies Trips

A very disappointing entry of 8 teams became even less when 3 teams failed to show up on the night, which left only 3 games in total to be played. Quarter-Final Gill

National Rinks reaches Semi-Finals stages

Oriels Nationals rinks is always well contested and this year was no exception. 

McMahon and Trainor reach final of National Pairs

The second night of the National Pairs continued where the last night finished with incredible bowls

MJ and Gerry makes it look handy in the National Pairs

Tonight some of the cream of Oriel Pairs take part in Corduff, But even the best can be beaten as Mj O’Conner and Gerry Roe from Shercock proved in this fantastic sport of

Shane Hand to face Thomas Martin in Section B of National Singles

Friday Night saw the conclusion of our National Singles with some incredible bowls being played Preliminary Round Patricia Hanlon took an early lead against JimFox but Jim wasn’t to be outdone and

Gerry McCabe to face Colm Minnock in final of National Singles Sec A

Monday night saw a night of massive suprises, some great bowls and some nail biting results.

Draws for the Nationals and Times